Do I need to send a Save the Date? It’s one of the most common questions that Iย  get asked.

No, you absolutely do not need to send a save the date to your guests. You can tell them in person if you like or you can create a quick group message/email. Whatever you prefer.

So what are the most common reasons that people do send them?

Well, some people just like to have it in writing and sitting on people’s fridges as a reminder not to book them. Some couples have an idea of what stationery they want and it includes a save the date.

Here is when you should definitely consider sending one:

You have guests coming from interstate or overseas

You are going to want to give them as much notice as possible if they need to book flights and accommodation for your wedding. Guests may not always have the funds readily available to jump on a plane. Some may also have to book extra time off of work depending on the industry they work in.

You are having a destination wedding

Again, your guests may not have the money to just head overseas. Maybe their passport has expired and they need to get that renewed. If you are having a large wedding overseas you may want to include some accommodation information or a little more information than you would normally give on a save the date.

Your wedding is in a location where your guests will need/want to book accommodation

If your wedding is a 3-hour drive from the main city, a lot of them will either want to try and book accommodation or transport so that everyone can enjoy themselves. Especially if they have kids who they don’t want/aren’t allowed to bring to the wedding.

Booked a weekday wedding or wedding in the middle of a peak season?

You definitely want to give your guests enough notice to book time off of work for a weekday wedding or ensure they don’t take that annual holiday over Easter.

If you don’t have the budget to send one or don’t want to then you absolutely DO NOT need to. There are no rule books for weddings anymore.

Do you love the thought of having a save the date on all your friends and family fridges when you walk into their house (or even your own house)? Then get in touch and we will get you sorted!

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